Arkanoid: Space Ball Windows

Arkanoid: Space Ball Windows 1.2

Futuristic and revised version of arkanoid


  • Faithful to classic shoot-em up format
  • Lots of levels


  • Too similar to space invaders
  • Gameplay becomes boring after a while

Very good

If you were a big space invaders fan then you'll probably enjoy Arkanoid. With several different levels and obstacles to overcome, the challenge is to take on meteorites, enemy spacecraft and other nasties to proceed through the levels. Numerous bonuses are revealed by the broken wreckage you leave behind including a laser, a rocket launcher, force fields and many other powerups.

The game is very much a rip-off of the classic Space Invaders game although it adds its own twists in terms of levels of difficulty, sound effects and graphics. According to the developers, whether you are a teenager, student, parent or grandparent, you will instantly fall in love with this exciting game. I wouldn't go that far but it certainly brings back some good memories.

A fun game although could have been better with a few more original twists to distinguish it from space invaders.

Arkanoid: Space Ball" is a treat for fans of unusual and picturesque games such as Arkanoid and space invader games.

Anyone who wishes to waste a few hours blasting asteroids will appreciate this game set in a futuristic atmosphere, modern techno-style graphics, dynamic gameplay and an excellent soundtrack make this a classic that everyone will enjoy.

Arkanoid: Space Ball Windows


Arkanoid: Space Ball Windows 1.2

User reviews about Arkanoid: Space Ball Windows

  • by Anonymous

    Very fun game.
    , much like the original arcade game from back in the 80's. It's played sideways, so your paddle ...   More